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We offer an AI tool that can identify if an audio or video is a deepfake or not With 92% model accuracy

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Deepfakes against individuals and businesses

Today, Deepfakes are so sophisticated that using our ears and eyes, we cannot differentiate between what’s real and what’s fake.

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Based on your usage and number of users within your company, we can provide you with the exact pricing model to use our API

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Our engineering team will help you in the integration of our Deepfake Detector API

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Protect your company from the potential deepfake scams in calls, meeting and voice messages that your employees might receive


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Why Choosing Us!

Why our Deepfake Detector is the best?

Our Deepfake Detector has proven to be the market leader by demonstrating its effectiveness across numerous individuals, companies and featured on popular USA news websites, successfully identifying deepfakes that could potentially lead to significant financial losses.

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Best Accuracy

Our detector achieves the highest accuracy in the market for identifying the probability of whether an audio or video was generated by an AI voice or by a human voice from different voice clone models. It is not limited to a specific voice cloning platform.

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Background Noise

Bad people are trying to add background noise to bypass other detectors. We have an integrated feature called "AI Noise Remover" that removes the noise from the audio to provide you with the best results.

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Easy API Integration

Our API is easy to integrate into your business system; simply call our API to obtain the results.

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Real Cases of deepfake Fraud

Woman loses Rs 1,688.58 USD in AI voice scam

A woman in Hyderabad lost Rs 1.4 lakh (1,688.58 USD) to a scammer using AI to mimic her nephew's voice, claiming he needed money due to an accident. The scam, involving a late-night call and a plea for secrecy, deceived her into transferring funds. Authorities warn that despite the rarity of AI voice scams, the public should verify such urgent financial requests to prevent fraud.

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Company Loses $25.6 Million by a Deepfake Scam

A finance worker at a multinational firm was tricked into sending $25 million due to a deepfake video call with fraudsters posing as the CFO and colleagues. The scam, uncovered after verification with the company's head office, led to six arrests and highlights the risks of deepfake technology in fraud. This incident is among several exploiting deepfakes for criminal purposes, raising global concern over the technology's misuse.

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Mom, these bad men have me

Jennifer DeStefano received a call claiming her daughter Brianna was kidnapped, demanding a $1 million ransom, which turned out to be a scam involving a voice cloning AI. The terrifying experience, full of threats and ransom negotiations, ended with the relief of discovering Brianna was safe. The incident highlighted the sophisticated nature of modern scams, exploiting AI to clone voices and manipulate families, causing significant distress and confusion.

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